Kapesh Patel - DUI & DWI Attorney


Arezou Bakhtjou is a resourceful and knowledgeable defense attorney who possesses the essential skills that define a truly great attorney. I first met her in 2011 when I was volunteering with the Riverside County Public Defender's Office where she worked full time, handling cases from misdemeanors all the way up to felonies.

Not only is she a skilled negotiator who understands all aspects of criminal defense, she is a brilliant trial lawyer too, winning a whole host of cases. Her compassion and respect for her clients is unmatched when it comes to Public Defenders, who often have unreasonably large case loads. She always seems to take the time to know the defendant, the facts of the case, any possible defenses, and always builds trust and good relationships with the prosecution.

Now that she has entered private practice, I have no doubt whatsoever she will continue to provide superior legal representation. If you need a criminal defense attorney, look no further than Ms. Bakhtjou.

Lisa Liu - Criminal Defense Attorney


Arezou is a wonderful caring attorney and puts in extra work for her clients. She has her heart and soul in the right place and anyone who has her as their attorney is extremely lucky.

Adam Rodriguez - Criminal Defense Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. Arezou is diligent in her representation of her clients. I have personally witness Arezou zealously advocating for those she represents.

Philip Hache - DUI & DWI Attorney


Arezou is a very bright, motivated and effective criminal defense attorney. She cares about the outcome of her clients' cases and puts in the extra effort to get favorable results. I endorse this lawyer and would not hesitant in referring someone to her if they found themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney in Central California.

Seth Weinstein - Administrative Law Attorney


I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Bakhtjou is a rising star in central California. Ms. Bakhtjou's clients are definitely well taken care of by her firm. Her experience as a Fresno Public Defender serves her clients well. I definitely recommend Ms. Bakhtjou.

Arezou Diarian Divorce & Separation Attorney


I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Bakhtjou is a very knowledgeable defense attorney. She possesses the essential skills that define a truly great attorney and is an asset to the legal community.

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